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Subject: Covid-19, Strategise Or Fade Away
From the home desk of: Ahron Sabel, Nature Lover, Digital Consultant, Co-Founder At The Wellness Flywheel, Journey ⚖️ Results Focused

Recently, a lot of our clients have sadly been forced to CLOSE THEIR DOORS.

Some due to fear and restriction, others due to genuinely wanting to protect their patients.

Look it's clear right now every human being is being tested in their own unique way including myself, and for business owners, many of us are slowly falling into a bit of a financial pickle. This is why I believe it's very important now more than ever to help and support one another!

As Charles Darwin said, "It's Not The Strongest Of The Species Who Survive, It's The Ones Who Are Most Adaptable To Change."

Now is the time to either Strategise and Adapt, or stick to What's Normal and Fade Into Darkness.

A bit of background on me...I chose to move away from offering my services to everyone (the purely ROI based businesses) about a year and a half ago and instead decided to focus my attention on an industry I love - the natural health care industry OR I should rather say, the loving health community.

Positive Values, genuine Care and a real Motive to help people, Love, Balance, Truth...this is why I chose to put my efforts here.

Since I made the switch, I teamed up with one of my digital expert buddies and we went full throttle into strategising, creating, developing and we SUCCEEDED in helping a number of chiropractors, osteopaths and other natural health clinic owners to generate New Patients on Demand, bring back Existing ones and Retain them.

We built up each clinic's reputation and overall VOICE in their local community till they were perceived as The Local Educational Leaders for Health, Wellness and developing towards a more Holistic lifestyle.

Now I'm going to be honest, we've recently had a few clients pull out of our services due to fear and worry of conserving their marketing budgets whilst they've been forced to shut their doors...

In my professional opinion, the worst thing you could possibly do right now is Pull Back How You Are Communicating With People In Your Community.

Now more than ever, your community needs to know and be reminded that YOU ARE THERE, that you are PRESENT, that you can HELP.

If you do this right, you will continue to grow your business even while the doors are shut, you will create a leading online presence with your community - maximising your future opportunities, and ultimately you will be 10x stronger and prepared when it is time for the doors to reopen.
The Two Biggest Things You Need To Focus On RIGHT NOW.
1) Keeping your clinic's voice active and alive by engaging and educating your community.
"If you are having a tension headache from stress, here’s what I want you to do… for every hour that you are sitting, I want you to take your thumbs, take them to the back of the room and POINT, open them up, bring your head back, do that every 30 minutes and you’re going to feel that relief."

So many people are stuck at home and want to hear from you. They miss your office!

You need a strategy to connect with your audience and systems to move you ahead quickly so you can grow your lead base and become a leading figure in your community for health and wellness advice during this time.

If you connect properly now, I can promise you that if they weren’t part of your audience before, if you became a weekly part of their world and guide them through all of this, they are going to become a BIG part of your customer base when this is all done.

👉 Take Advantage Of People Being Stuck In Their Homes. 👈

I know it can be pretty scary to put stuff out but you have to keep pushing forward. Don’t stop developing your business or stop building new products. Don’t stop selling your stuff in a caring way. You have to stay strong because by having a good income, you can donate and help more people.

Don't forget, people are still spending money right now. They will buy from you even if it's from simply wanting a sense of normalcy during this very unusual time.
  • Get the phone out and speak directly to your community with a Facebook Live - support your audience.
  • ​Share some engaging interesting facts on your Clinic's Facebook Page.
  • ​Send your list some special Newsletters.
  • ​​Get posting on your Online Blog.
  • ​Create a 2-12 week wellness program that will benefit a specific group of people in your community, setup a landing page and gather leads from your audience to participate (you can charge a nice fee for this program).
2) 10x Preparing yourself for the big return.
Now is the time to be implementing the strategies and systems you've always been putting off due an ongoing "lack of time."

If you use the time now to take action and implement the things in your business which have always been put off, I can promise you this will have an enormous compounding effect for when the engines start back up - your business will be 10x stronger than it was before.

As Albert Einstein said, "compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it."

It's not just money that has compounding effects. TIME DOES TOO.

Understanding the non-linear compounding effects of time and how to use it to your ultimate advantage is essential for your clinic to not fade into darkness.

Even if it seems like everything's going on in the world see the results right now, but if you are resourceful and strategic in this current moment, you will wake up in the same bed in a year from now and be in a VERY different situation (a much better one)
  • Get your Website up to scratch.
  • ​Outsource your Instagram feed to have it beautifully designed by professionals.
  • ​Outsource your Email Newsletter to strategically educate and engage your audience.
  • ​Outsource your Facebook Posts to strategically grow your clinic's personality.
  • ​​Outsource your Online Blog to strategically educate readers about health and wellness.
  • ​Get a tailor-made Facebook Live strategy to connect directly with your audience and save your clinic.
  • Optimise your SEO strategy now so that you will be at the top of Google when the doors reopen.
  • ​​Setup an Automated System that will Acquire New Patients for you on demand when the time is right.
  • ​Setup an Automated System to get more Referrals from your existing patient list.
  • ​Get your GoogleMyBusiness strategy going so that your clinic is on top when patients search for help.
  • ​Setup an automated Reviews Program for your clinic.
  • ​Setup a Call Tracking system in your clinic so can track all of your results.
The Australian Government Is Offering Business Grants For You To Invest in Online Activities.
Use This Grant Strategically.
What we offer at The Wellness Flywheel is a lot more than just marketing strategies and digital services...

The foundations of our existence are based on the purest amount of Honesty, Quality, High-End Results, Genuine Care, Love and Support.
The packages we offer to our clients are OUTCOME FOCUSED and are based on what is necessary.

Here is a LIST of our services for Health and Wellness Clinic Owners:
  • Facebook Live Growth Strategy, Support and Instant Implementation Guidance
  • Facebook Page Post Management 2-3x Daily with Graphic Designed Posts Branded with Your Logo
  • Strategic Email Newsletter Implementation To Engage, Educate, Support, Grow, Nurture and Retain Your List
  • High-Quality Instagram Feed Professionally Designed and Crafted To Crystallise Your Reputation.
  • Professional Online Blog ​with Highly-Educational Content Written by a Chiropractor Updated 3-4x a Month.
  • Brand New Lead Magnet Website Designed to Turn Your Website Into A New Patient Machine
  • Strategic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Rise Your Website Up To The Top Of Google Rankings
  • Facebook Advertising and Automated Followup System to Bring New Patients To Your Clinic On Automation
  • Automated Text Message, Email and Voicemail Followup System To Intelligently Turn New Leads Into Booked Appointments
  • Automated Referral Program To Strategically Get New Referrals From Existing Patients
  • GoogleMyBusiness Strategy and Systemisation to Increase Your Clinic's Reputation on Google
  • Automated Reviews Program To Get Your Clinic More "Clinic Reviews" and Grow Your Reputation
  • Automated Call Tracking Program For You To Understand, Track and Optimise All Your Results
All our PACKAGES are TAILOR-MADE and DESIGNED for WHAT'S NECESSARY for your clinic.
Use This Time Strategically...
Chat with me and we'll take the necessary actions untill the compounding effect joins your side ✨
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